Moorsville, North Carolina Defense of Debt collection Attorney

You’ve worked hard to get your finances in order, but suffered setback after setback — including a lawsuit from your creditor. It is imperative that you seek representation from an assertive and passionate lawyer. Look to the Law Office of Judy Dalton PLLC for high-quality legal support.

Options after Being Sued

If you’ve been served with a debt collection lawsuit, you have more options than you think. Many people choose to settle debt collection lawsuits in hopes of securing a lower balance. This is a low-risk approach for those with small settlements. Bankruptcy is viable strategy for anybody with extensive debt and a desire for a fresh start. In many cases, however, the best solution is litigation. A knowledgeable debt collection attorney can successfully defend even complicated cases. If nothing else, the litigation effort can lead to a better settlement.

Why Work With a Debt Defense Attorney?

When hit with a debt-based lawsuit, many individuals are tempted to either ignore the lawsuit or defend themselves. They assume that courts will see things their way. This is a losing strategy — debt defense cases can be very complicated, and creditors bring a vast array of resources to the table. A Mooresville lawyer with an in-depth understanding of debt collection law can prove invaluable as you proceed with your case.

Law Office of Judy Dalton PLLC: Aggressive Debt Collection Defense

If you’ve been hit with a debt collection lawsuit, it is in your best interest to act quickly and find a North Carolina debt collection attorney you can trust. The Law Office of Judy Dalton PLLC can be an excellent resource for you during this difficult time. When you work with this respected Mooresville law firm, you will receive helpful counsel from a lawyer who truly cares about your personal and financial well being. Don’t wait for your debt collection situation to get worse — contact the Law Office of Judy Dalton PLLC today.

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