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Before the Marriage

Prenuptial Agreements

Engagement is an exciting time. While you are focused on planning your celebration, don’t neglect planning for your financial future. For many couples, it is difficult to discuss the prospect of divorce. However, it is prudent to at least consider what may happen down the road. Prenuptials aren’t exclusively for the wealthy or famous. Family Law Attorney Judy Dalton helps couples understand the options available. She also helps prepare documents to establish the property and financial rights of each spouse in the event of a dissolution.

During the Marriage


Many couples choose to adopt a child. If it’s time to add to your family through adoption, The Law Office of Judy Dalton PLLC can assist with legal paperwork and hurdles.

Stepparent Adoption

It’s surprising for many stepparents to realize they may be able to become legal parents of their stepchildren. If you’re interested in blending your family this way, Attorney Judy Dalton can help.

Dissolution of a Marriage

Separation Agreements

If you’d like to go through the legal process of establishing a parenting plan and child support, yet aren’t prepared for a full divorce, a legal separation is a possibility.


Whether you want to seek a divorce, or have just been served papers, the Law Office of Judy Dalton PLLC can guide you through this stressful time.

Beyond Marriage

Of course, there may be many reasons to contact a Family Law Attorney without a marriage. Ms. Dalton provides compassionate assistance with establishing paternity, forming a parenting plan, filing for a Domestic Violence Protection Order, and dealing with child support without regard to your relationship status.

Adviser, Negotiator, Advocate and Educator

The Law Office of Judy Dalton PLLC does more than file papers. She listens, educates, advocates and fights for you. You get more than a divorce lawyer when you contact Ms. Dalton. You get results.

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